Sunday, July 18, 2010


You may ask what is gesso got to do with herbs?
I'll tell you, it is tough loving so many different things.
I am a mom, a marmee (grandmom) , a pastor's wife, an artist, a writer, a gardener, and a collector of what my friends would call junk. I have nicer names. like "ephemera" or "antiques" or collectibles". More expensive to get rid of it than hoarding it they say. Can I help it? "No"

So, what is gesso. It is like manure or compost to the garden. Gesso is a main substance for painting. I am a mixed media and collage artist. Gesso is used daily to cover a surface. This makes the surface one nice blank space that I can then begin to apply color and papers to. The surface you see in this photo is one of a new journal that I created out of an autograph book. I loved this little book and got it for $1.00 so I picked it up quick. The book's cover was already interested with vintage style photos on it. So, I covered it with a clear paper from a clothing store the Loft; kept the handles from the bag so that the journal could be carried. I added a vintage doily onto the cover. I began to collect vintage manila colored items that I love and painted one spread of page with the gesso. I also paper clipped the pages together so that I will have about 12-13 main pages to work on and that way they will be stable and sturdy.

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