Monday, July 26, 2010

This Weekend Journal

Boy, as I over-view this weekend, I did alot in my daily journal.
Friday night, I made home-made pizza for supper before bible study, Saturday I went yard sale-ing with a friend, had Carter's ice cream at night with my husband, went to church on Sunday and took a walk with my daughter where I did a bit of photography, gathered fern and Queen Elizabeth (road side flower) and today, went to the ocean-Seabrook (with my husband and daughter), slept, walked, drank Duncan Donut's iced coffee and finished my "CAT"s ATC. While working on the cards, my daughter made decaf vanilla coffee and my husband cut up the watermelon.

What do you think of that! Phew. Now tomorrow, grocery shopping, laundry...

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that I weeded a bit of my garden when I got home from the beach and made a yummy fruit smoothie in my $17.00 Black and Decker blender. My blender died and I did not have enough money to buy a really good one. So I decided on giving the Black and Decker a try. It has a cool spout, so when it is blending, you can pour it into your cup or bowl.

Now to watch a bit of "Lost" season 5 on Hulu,

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