Thursday, February 23, 2012

Make Garland Balls

I love making stuff, like taking a styrofoam ball, and covering it with plastic holly. I had these plastic hollies for Christmas going up my staircase with greens. I was going to store them away for next year, but I thought, well I only spent $5.00 on them from the Dollar Store, so why not take them apart and glue them to the styrofoam ball and then my next purchase is a clay pot to stick the ball covered ivy in to make like a Pottery Barn decortion that costs $25-$35.00 and next year I can buy new holly for $5.00. I will show the results once I get the whole project done.

These balls are big today for decoration; place them in a bowl with all kinds of balls covered with twine, fabric, pine cones, ivy, sea shells.

Marshalls has great wooden bowls to load these balls in.

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