Friday, November 6, 2015

Dying, drying, weaving, Spirit Cloth

I watched more of Jude's videos tonight, reviewing simple stitches to begin small petite pieces of hand stitching.  She taught a way to weave fabric strips together to make pillows.

So my idea was to use the berries in my yard to see which ones could be boiled with water, and what would the color become from water to fabric.

The burning bush produced  a peach color.  Then I took a scrap strip snd rubbed it in the cooked berries, mashing them into the fibers.  A beautiful pumpkin like orange came about.

Wanting to enjoy the weather, I went outside and rolled in the leaves, and pounded leaves into a piece of fabric.  Yellow leaves and brown leaves had no color.  Green leaves produced green, burgundy leaves and red leaves produced a bluish purple.

I will find other fabrics to make strips into and begin to weave.  I may even do some stitching on the strips first.

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