Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ephemera, Tin, Collectibles

Remember how I mentioned my family calls my stuff junk? Do you think so? Well if you do, I am sorry, but I love this stuff.
Jennies in Haverhill is a little antique shop that is my favorite. I can go to huge yard sales, large flea markets, and not find what I find at Jennie's. I actually tried to get a part time job there recently, but there were no openings. Oh Well.
This tin I don't even have to rust. It is ready to go! The vintage papers I can't wait to use because most of my art and most of my teachers do little petit girls and not boys as much so I am going to include them in my journal. The drawer I think I am going to hang upside down by the little know and create a small shrine.

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