Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonder How?

Ever wonder how you can remember how you made a collage?

I like to keep a small notebook handy. I name my collage piece. How do you name a piece?

Much of the time I go by what I feel inspired by or what words seem to describe the piece to me. I may think about what others may see in the piece and use words to describe that. If there is not time to name it or I just am stuck because I havn't finished the piece yet, I will use words that are obvious---perhaps the colors describe it or a subject that is showing in the piece.

Write your title down, the date worked on or finished and begin listing the layers that you are applying.

For instance---most pieces I do are starting off with a base of gesso on canvas board or journal page. From there I may layer watercolor oil pastels down and then an image on top of that.

Today, I am working on a 4th of July piece that I didn't get around to for Suzi Blu's contest but I want to do it anyway.

What did I do first. 1. Title-4th of July Date-July 7, 2010
What I do second 2. Gesso on canvas board
Third 3. I used paynes gray golden paint with a paint spatula
4th 4. I carved a stamp-a cloud shape
5. I had done a petit doll months ago so I cut it out
6. I used my new cloud stamp and stamped on white paper and cut out

So on and so on...

Then, when you look at this piece again or after you "sell it:)" you can look back at your notes to remember techniques that you can repeat in another piece or teach to others

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