Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teavana Tea Kettle-"Tetsubin"

My birthday was last week and I had been blessed with monetary gifts. To make a good pot of tea, I needed a real tea kettle with the basket in it. I have a pretty clear glass tea pot to brew the little tea balls that open up when placed in hot water and a flower sits on the bottom of the kettle. This particular glass tea pot is difficult making lose tea though and is more for the beauty than for the function of what I wanted. I would never have been able to buy a kettle like the one I bought at Teavana's today if it had not been my birthday. So, I began to do a bit of investigating on iron tea kettles online and decided that not paying for shipping was up my alley and I headed over to Teavana in the mall to look at the different colors, patterns, sizes and prices of "Tetsubin"s.

I found a pretty little tea kettle call a "Tetsubin" that only makes two cups of tea. It is green with dragonflies on it. It has a little metal mesh basket so that the tea will steep properly and the pot should last for a lifetime. I made myself a little tea cabinet with various teas from Teavana along with bagged tea from the health food store and grocery store. My cabinet has my tea ball, honey, sugar nuggets, tea spoons and other various little gadgets. I have it in a little corner near my kitchen cabinets. All of my children and husband love hot tea and cold tea.

I would like to have bought a kettle that would serve my entire family, but that would have been double the price, and like the guy at the store said "it is a good start". I don't think I would ever have a conscious to pay what they want for a larger kettle.

The tea kettle sits on top of an iron warmer. You put a little tea candle in the warmer and sit the tea kettle on top fo the warmer. The warmer sits on a matching trinket. The trinket matches the tea kettle and prevents damage to your counter or table surface from heat.

Here is what my tea kettle looks like but mine is green.
I loved the red, but the green just did my heart good!

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