Friday, July 2, 2010

Creating a New Creation to the Art Room

This is one look of my art room about seven months ago. This was supposed to be a video I took showing bits and pieces of my art, my books, supplies, and where I hide them. I then changed my room where I added a another bureau, making it an "L" shape with the white bureau so that I could move my computer between both the bureaus. I have eight drawers in the white bureau, and four drawers and two cabinet spaces in my brown bureau. Guess what? Still not enough room. Perplexed how to make my furniture work, I just had my sons help me move the brown burea just a few feet away in a little bit of an alcove and voila! Space in the middle of the room for my easel and I am going to pull out my sewing machine and permanently place it on the brown bureau. I so want to sew for my collages and just won't do it if I do not pull out the machine and keep it out. I have a table easel on the white bureau, but also want a stand up easel to display my work so that I can see it often. I love having all of my tools out and don't stand "No" for an answer. I have to keep moving furniture and items until I achieve what I want. When I do, I can then work better and more creatively.

I have a small light table that is about 8 inches long and five inches wide. I have my bees wax melter, a wood burner, glue gun, heating tool, stamps, inks, chipboard, papers, glitters, glues, mediums, acrylic paints, goache, water color paints, christmas items, ephemera, large surfaces to do collage on, fabric books, canvas boards, journals, rubons, charcoal, pencils, brushes, chaulk, cutting board, markers, pastels, tissue papers, antique papers and books, french papers, carving tools, felting tools, stencils, books, magazines....can you relate???????????????

I am intending to make a chart of where my supplies are, and I am going to stencil numbers on the drawers (kind of like that french look)!

I am going to paint the brown bureau white so that everything matches.

I would have more room in my studio if I didn't have the electric fireplace and the window seat. But those are my two favorite items. It is cold in the winter and I love the look of the fake fireplace.

My window seat was created by a woman who made furniture out of different furniture pieces and knew I loved this piece when I first saw it. It had not sold over a year and she let me put it on layaway. I finally paid for it and got it in my room. It is a great little nook to sit and I can store items underneath it!

I hope to share and teach how to store and keep an art room organized in the up and coming days. Stay tuned!

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