Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ladder to Reach those Fresh Apples

I tried using my step stool up onto my raised garden to pick the apples. My tall son is not here for a few days so I don't have him. I need to buy one of those tools that apple orchards have to grab the apples high up. My daughter commented that our tree is like the ones you can climb. I guess she still has that little girl in her:)

This apple tree is connected in the ground with another tree that looks like some sort of cherries. I spoke with a man in Home Depot that brings his plants in for Home Depot to sell. He told me that anything that has a seed in the middle is a cherry. They are green and very little right now. I stuck my teeth into one of them, but no sign of sweetness yet. They are little and have little stems coming off of the branch. Researching all of this is a blast.

I don't know if a seed planted and this tree is from that or if the people that lived here before us put the trees too close together. This is what I mean, I was not observant enough which I thought I was. Keeps me feeling like a kid investigating and all. In fact, I didn't do things like this as a kid (only child syndrome).

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