Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gesture Drawing

There are two techniques you can use to
quickly capture the gesture of a figure in a
drawing: the scribble line gesture and the
mass gesture. They are both used to quickly
establish the size and placement of the
major shapes
You can use this technique both as a learning tool to help you see shapes better, and
also as part of a longer process of creating
a finished drawing.
• Work from the inside of the shape outwards, avoiding the outline. Think of
yourself as building the form as if you
were modeling it out of clay.
• Make more scribbles in the center of the shape where you are confident of
its position, and less scribbles near the outline where you are not so sure of
the position.
In a mass gesture you use a drawing tool that creates a
two dimensional shape directly, without the use of line.
You can use the flat side of a short stick of conte
crayon or charcoal, a brush and paint, or a brush
and ink.
•Work from the inside of the shape outwards.
•Work from large to small

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