Sunday, July 18, 2010


I didn't finish everything I wanted to pick tonight because the kids wanted movie night with family. I love that and am so greatful.
There were some huge fern leaves out there too! I want to flatten them and frame them for gifts for Christmas. Also, there is an area up the street where alot of spearmint is growing. Spearmint Tea is delicious. Grab all of the mints you can find, dry them, and throw them into a bowl. Moths hate mints and you can put the bowl into your closet or make sachets by placing dried mints into little square pieces of cloth or muslin and tie off with a pretty bow of ribbon. Are you a stitcher. Make a little pillow, fill the pillow with the herbs, and stitch up the fourth side. You could monogram an initial on the cloth first or handstitch a design or a few french knots with embroidery thread.
Every morning, I wake to an exciting day that will be fullfilled with special events.
I love to meditate on the Lord's goodness for the day, the health and ability to get up after I had been sick most of my life (fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and irritable syndrome). Photography, art, gardening, reading, writing, blogging, taking care of my children, calling a friend, reading a devotional, meditating on what I learned in church or bible study, watching a movie online and the list goes on, redecorating a room, painting a piece of furniture, reorganizing drawers in the kitchen. I am never board.

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