Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Antique Wooden Sign


Don't you just love vintage stuff! I do too! Even to the point of the item being too rusty or too fragile. So I bring it home and try to make due with it and if not, then at least nothing lost.

The owner of a little antique shop I go to had this sign hiding underneath dead greenery and leaves from last year. I begged him to take it and off it wen tinto my car "FREE" and I gave him a handshake as I entered my van in jubilee.

Now, I thought "Will Seth help me take off the huge metal pieces attached to it?" These were the pieces that used to keep the sign up ontop of the building. Seth was a sweet heart and helped me get the rusty pieces off the sign. One piece of metal had to stay on the left sign of the sign, with it's litte nails sticking out. I am getting over that but the sign is decaying and falling apart. I purchased a spray can of a varnish and sprayed the whole piece, giving the old letraset type of print from coming off anymore, to kill any bugs that may be in the wood and to pull out the beautiful color of brown in the wood.

Right now it is leaning in my dining room, where as I am painting my living room, collaging a wall like Pottery Barn and deciding where to put the vintage antique wooden sign. Pieces have broken off and that is what you are seeing in the pictures. If I can get a wire on it or a good piece of hardware on it to hang it, I think and hope it will last a few years longer.

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