Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Morning

Well, it is wonderful to have a new blog up and running. I have a few others in cyberspace that I either can not get my password retrieved or it just does not suit my needs and people can not find me. So here I am on a new day, learning new things.

Bear with me, I am not a new artist, but I am a newer blogger compared to many of you reading this!

After having my back thrown out for a couple of days, I am going to make an attempt to go to Panera's with my husband this morn for a coffee and bagel. They certainly have the best bagels ever especially the cinammon crunch toasted with cream cheese. My husband is a pastor and Mondays are supposedly :) his day off so we try to do things together with the children or alone. I homeschool my three home kids so our schedule works great with work and their education.

So, I am a new grandmom, a mom, a christian, a pastor's wife, a gardener (if my back gets back to strength) and an artist!
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