Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apple Tree, Cherry Tree, Blueberry bush and Yellow Raspberries

This here apple tree in my front yard needs to be pruned. It also has some serious problems with it; a green mold fungus type thing on all of the branches now. The past two years, it has gotten worse. I have been able to use the apples to make an applesauce, but I have to wash the apples good because of a black spot on them. Too bad, because there are alot of apples.

Yesterday, my son Josiah helped with planting the cherry tree. I really wanted peach, but I settled for the cherry which eventually, I will try to have more trees of fruit. I love harvesting from my own yard and then I can share.

Today, we got the hole dug in no time, mixed some peat moss, humus and the existing soil, and added it to the area of the blueberry bush.

I quickly took the yellow raspberry bushes I had soaking in water for it's roots overnight, and dug a couple holes, placed them in, added some potting soil as an ammendment because my soil here is sandy, sometimes clay like, and also orange the color of rust.

I have been working in the yard about 3-4 hours a day. That is about all I can take with the fibromyalgia. My body hurts so much that I just fall asleep when I come in. Not meaning to complain, actually very greatful for the health that I now have. I couldn't even lift a gallon of milk, so this is awesome. I guess it is just that the yard is so big, and needs so much work and I heard it is going to be raining.

I love planting flowers, but I love herbs and plants that bare fruit. I have a lychee tree in the front. Last year was the first year of fruit. I didn't even know what they were, these pinkish raspberry colored rough textured little balls. I guess these can be quite expensive to buy and I thought well if this tree survives here in New England, and I could plant more trees, maybe I could have a little business. Always trying to come up with something new to earn some money.

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