Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stenciling and Stonewall Kitchen and Pottery Barn

I have been really intrigued lately by the stencilling on wood in various expensive shops like Stonewall Kitchen and Pottery Barn.

I would love to make something for my house in this fashion, and I have my mind thinking away. I have seen some artists online make them.

The Graphic Fairy sends me daily beautiful transfers that could be used for this purpose. Stencils with fancy alphabet letters could be used.

Water down your acrylic paint or if you are using stain, apply the stain to your brush or a rag, and wipe alot of the stain off on a paper plate so that it is very light. You can always add more if you like, but go light handed and light amount of paint or stain. Practice. Pick up samples of wood at Home depot or pick up some street side pallets. Use the wood from the pallets.

You can always antique up the wood by adding some of the very stain on the edges of the wood.

I have a machine shop that is near my home. I love driving by it because I have picked up wooden boxes that look like actual window boxes. The wood is rough and rugged. I have it in my kitchen right now filled with candles and I am looking for the ideal stencil that I want to apply to the box. I also need to think if I want to sand the box and then stencil or apply the image. MMMMM, I may want to give it a french grey paint job, sand the edges for them to be rounded and then stenciled.

I usually don't spray the outside of my work with polyurethane, but I think I will in the future just to keep my collages and wooden pieces protected.

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