Saturday, February 11, 2012

Painting Over Collage like Tam from Life Book

It took me some time to get my act together, and finally sit down and paint. All of my supplies were moved over the holiday's for a cleaning and now I have to bring them all back and reorganize, and that takes more energy out of me than anything. Seeing I have done it more times than I can count.

But, when I finally sat down and watched Willowing's videos over and over again, stopping them and starting them and stopping them and starting them, I just got to it. I did some layers a bit different order than Tam did, but that is ok. I know this much about collage, each layer is a layer upon itself, and it is ok, if you put one piece down in a different order.

That is what happened to me here. I had finished all of my collaging, and then clear gessoed over the entire piece, not just the face, and then realized I had not cut the piece for the girl's clothing. So I did after that. I did not add gesso the clothing, but just painted and used graphite pencil over it to give shadows.

After painting the face, I absolutely did not like the nose, so "Off with the nose" That was scary..."Would I be able to make a somewhat decent nose?" Yes, this was after I added the clothing, painted and drew on the clothing, breyered the background with white acrylic and did some stamping. The nose and the hand. Do yo know that there are some masters who could not paint hands and just tucked the hands behind the body or in the pockets. That's right, out of sight, out of mind, the hands don't always need to be seen.

In this type of artwork that is very primitive, funny looking hands are alright.

I then went to Gaugan's paintings to see his ladies. My face was still a bit off proportionately wise, but I will accomplish this as I keep up with it. Why fear what you can end up doing. If you never do it, you won't have accomplished it.

Hey, that is my own personal quote. I will have to add that to a collage.

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