Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day and Home Made Journals

My husband and I went out for Valentines day yesterday to a restaurant in Maine, and while we were there for a great lunch, the menu's were there, free to pick up. The paper of these menu's had a very interesting surface so I grabbed about four of them. I may integrate them into another journal that I work on that is all separate, all different pages, that I am collecting and getting ready to use grommets and attach it all together.

Another place that has great brochures is Teavana, a very expensive tea store. You get to stop by and have little samples of teas and the brochures are right on the counter. I have used these for the paper and color themselves as collage papers.

Free People, a women's clothing store send me catalogues, that has the best paper and I love using it for my journals just to tear up or to gesso over.

Starbucks has the great cardboard sleeves. Cut as many as you want on the seam, gesso them on the smooth side with white gesso and dry well. Make a chunky book, and poke holes, and then atach as many pages as you like with ribbon and yarns or twines. Take a glue stick, a black Pitt pen, graphite pencil, and watercolor pencils or crayons. Now when you go out for a ride in the car, a train ride, bus ride, small vacation, you will be able to glue little bits in the book, you can color or draw and wait to paint it with water later. You can use the graphite pencil or black marker to write notes,and you are set for a very simple journal.

When you are taking day trips, keep an alert out for brochures that are folded in different ways. These are great to gesso over, and then journal and draw in. When finished with your art work, fold the brochure back the way it was originally. Wrap twine around it to keep it closed.

So keep an eye open for paper used for other purposes and use it for your journal pages. Use clear gesso or white gesso on the papers, and then go to town with your techniques.

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