Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artella-My muse

Mystery Muse Project 2012

When I was a girl, I played with dolls, dressed and re-dressed them, changed their diapers, had the Barbie dolls talk to each other and to Ken:), I decorated their apartments and crochet blankets, clothing, rugs...

Did I talk to my stuffed animals?
Did I play with a make-believe friend?

I did! Yay!

But then I grew up.

With Artellaland, you can have a muse.

What is a muse? A muse is your creation. Your artistic creation, all of your own, and only yours unless you want to share.

You can ask your muse any question you want, and maybe you will get an answer.
It will be an answer that is deep within your soul.

Just click on the above blue title and you will see what I mean! You will love it!

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