Saturday, February 11, 2012

Collage, Layering, Painting, Drawing

I just love this type of art so so much. It is intriguing, every piece you work on is different. There is so much texture, color and variance. You can work on all different types of art like making your own stamps, carving them, using them in your work, it is using pastels and then water or turp over them depending on which one you are using, it is using all sorts of inks, ink pads, acrylic inks, water color inks, permanent inks...wax-bees wax, yes bees wax melted all over your piece, encaustic wax that you can carve into and use all sorts of colors on top of each is endless

But don't let that endlessness get you caught up and daughter will not do collage with me because she said there is too much different choices.

I have an idea...if you have some images you would like to use in a collage, copy them so you have 2-3 copies. Glue the copies down on three pieces, so you have the same copy three times. Now go to town, and do different things to each image and see all the variables you get, but you can have two to three or even more if you like, right before you. Don't worry if you put a sticker on the first one but not on the second one, cut out other papers, grab a stamp and stamp it red on one page, stamp it green on another. HAVE FUN!

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