Monday, May 2, 2011


Pottery Barn's Catalogues are awesome. Cut up and glue sticked into a journal to look over and over again. I could keep the whole catalogue, but I like ripping out or cutting out the pictures of projects I have in my mind. I am going to do something different this time and put the pictures in subject matters in my own scrap book. For example, I will have my own outdoor section, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. I can write notes around the pictures and make lists of items I would like to purchase at yard sales, garage sales, second hand shops, and MARSHALLS.

Today, I had an allowance, and I found a large glass bell dome and a large glass vase with a very wide opening. I am deciding whether I want to put them outside on my future home-made gardening table or keep then inside. Having a couple of dogs kind of keeps me thinking I should keep them in the house.

I love Marshalls maybe even more than Pottery Barn. I can almost find anything at Marshalls. The glass is not as thick as Pottery Barns, but when you spend $7.99 for a glass bell dome and you would be spending almost $50.00, $7.99 is much better. Plus, things are always breaking in my home inside and out and I feel better when my decorations are inexpensive.

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