Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Donald Trump and Portsmouth NH

Can you believe it? Donald Trump in New Hanpshire. It just so happens that my husband and I were in Portsmouth NH today and there were newsreporters from NBC interviewing people on the sidewalk as we walked by but we did not hear the questions. Then as we were finding a parking spot, we went by a Fidelity bank and there were reporters and people everywhere. My hubbie and I stopped at a restaurant across the street from Star Bucks. My hubbie asked the waitress what was going on in town and she told us Donald Trump was in the area. After we ate our delicious hamburger, we separated; hubbie went to Star Bucks and I went touring the stores and shops. I was in a book store (surprise to all who know me) and I heard a bunch of commotion. I did not want to go running out the door, but I could hear "Trump" and then saw a news reporter running backwards with his heavy camera and people all gathered walking briskly down the sidewalk in front of the book store, as I tried to scan the people walking by, I saw the very end of Trump's head. Shortly after, I met my hubbie at Starbuck's. He told me he ran out of Starbucks and was four feet away from Donald. We had an exciting day.

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