Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Long story, computer problems. Sound familiar?
1. Husbands computer went wonky.
2. My Canon Rebel went down.
3. Geek squad took the camera and sent it to Canon.
4. Canon called, computer faulty.
5. Time to pick a new camera. (remember, husbands computer wonky).
6. So, I decided to down size my camera and get a different version of camera and get another computer too for the same price as the Canon Rebel.
7. Then, I could give my husband my computer, and then I would have a new one along with a new camera.

O.K. then

8. three months later, my husband's computer (the one I gave him)went wonky too so it went into the shop.
9. I let him borrow my new one so he could get work done.

O.K. then

10. He accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on it and now that camera was down.
11. Ugh! Now what?
12. Went computer shopping, had no money, went to Staples, Best Buy, small computer store, and Walmart and did that for two days.
13. Went online to see reviews. Most reviews seemed the same about HP's and Dell's.
14. I have had Dell's and HP's, kids have had Gateway and Compact.

What to do???????

15. Not impressed with salespeople at stores. Waited almost 20 minutes in one store and still no one came over to help. Can you guess which store?
16. Picked up this ACER. I have 15 days to see if I like it. I'll let you know.

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