Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hands and Heart Teaching FREE videos

After feeling bad that I can't afford any art classes right now, I decided that I will take advantage of some of my favorite online artists right now that through their loving heart make videos that teach techniques for us to learn from. Why not take advantage of it I asked myself, so I did.

Steps were:
1. gesso watercolor paper.
2. After dry, I did various layers of acrylic paint and scraped the layers on.
3. Made my own spray paint by adding acrylic paint to water in cute little water
bottles and sprayed various layers on the paper.
4. Put a stencil down, and sprayed the stencil.
5. Took white acrylic paint and scraped it in places on the paper
6. REMEMBER! Let layers dry
7. Place shapes of papers down, and spray (you will have the results of various
shapes sprayed on your paper.
8. I then cut the paper into 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 rectangles, ready for ATC's
9. Like Hands and Heart, I selected one of my face stamps and stamped down
with antique brown ink the face.
10. From that point, I used peach, creme and white for the face.
11. Used watercolor pencils and graphtint pencils to draw and add shading.
12. When I felt like the painting was done enough, I then added a couple of small
stamps with ink.
13. Then I squirted three types of glitter to make it sparkly.

If you go to Hands and Heart, you will see the free videos which have not been removed yet, and you can learn and practice. Mine looks very different from the other ATC's that were posted, but that is fine. I learned alot about layers.

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