Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wife, Artist and Mother

What did I do today? Well, after a rough night last night of feeling like I was coming down with a flu again, and not knowing how would I feel this morning after having those types of random and ongoing dreams you have when you don't feel well, I was able to get up and accomplish wife duties, artsy things and motherly talks.

My computer is broken, all of our printers aren't working so I borrowed my hubbies computer while he was doing errands. I have been working on a life planning journal; an idea I got from a book called "Right Brain Business Plan". In my life plan, I have wifely things to do, motherly ideas and of course artist's ideas because that is who I am. I got to watch a video from Hands and Heart and practice some techniques for an ATC. I watched a Strathmore Painting free video for week two on more techniques for a journal. I watched videos from the author of Right Brain and gathered ideas for my future business ventures.

I cleaned my kitchen counter and everything on it. I folded a load of laundry and washed one. I cleaned up all of the garbage outdoors that animals got into and the garbage men did not take because it wasn't in the exact spot they wanted it and the snow mound held them back for reaching for the bags. Neighbor commented on the bags so I got out there and cleaned up.

Supper was made of left over corned beef and onions and potatoes. The good old food processor was used to slice up the corned beef in small pieces. I browned onions in a stick of butter and microwaved six potatoes. I cubed the potatoes, stuck them in the melted butter and onions and then added the corned beef. I fried them till everything was brown and heated.

Tried to load up a driver for a printer.

Picked up my son from work at night.

Now watching the news.

Had so much more I wanted to do. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel better and then off to the train station to take my other son to the train in the morning.

Maybe even a new computer in the afternoon. Yea! Thank you husband for letting me borrow your computer.

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