Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cloth paper and collage-SWAPPING

I absolutely love cloth paper and love making it.
Earlier on in this blog, I journaled about my friend Yolana and I, and how we made cloth paper and sent each other a piece to then journal and collage on. Then we sent each other a piece that was journaled on. It was great. Yes, my friend Yolana's dad was from the Czech Republic. She has such a great personality and such a creative one. She can make anything out of a cardboard box. So, when I offered her to make cloth paper with me (I got the idea from a book), she went out and bought the book too. I would like to do more projects with her but just have ran out of time lately with alot of hospitality and excitement with our church.

SWAPPING-If you want to make cloth paper and swap with me, let me know. I will do it with you, I have some free time ahead. I will even teach you how to make the cloth paper if you do not know how to. Take me up on it and we can be swapping cloth paper buddies

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