Tuesday, March 8, 2011

France papers and bible scriptures

I absolutely love applying small bits and pieces of french papers from France and bible scriptures from old bibles. Recently, I found sites with christian artists that have some great ideas and concepts of implimenting scriptures into their paintings, drawings and collage. There is something about the texture of letters into your work. They can be subliminal or stand right out depending on what you are trying to achieve for the viewer.
I am a subliminal artist. I think so much is seen in the various layers of the collage. Print, words, old papers can be one of the first layers and gesso lightly painted over some of the word, or paint with white acrylic with a bit of water to lighten and make it translucent. It is fun looking at someones work, when you have to really look and make out what you see. If you don't speak french, you are not going to know what you are looking at, but the texture and blackness of the type adds to the surrounding shapes and colors. Bible Scriptures add a deep emotion and truth to the realist painting or abstract piece.

We have a great second hand book store in the area, and I have seen other books in various languages. I have added some german papers into my work, but now I think I would like to try the asian or hebrew types. I am going to try it. Will post when I am done.

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