Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Banner and Penants Made out of Burlap and Twine

What ever you like to call these, I love banners, and penants made out of all sorts of fabrics and materials. This is my AUTUMN penant made out of burlap, and ribbon along with a rough twin to hang it up and to go along with the grunge look.

I used walnut colored ink and a bit of espresso ink to grunge up the edges and parts of each triangle. I also made each triangle different. Why not!?

Things don't always have to be equal and symmetrical on everything. A little assymetrical work is kind of nice. This penant or banner goes great in my living room with the spray painted bird cage and black accents. The next one I make I think I will make for a friend and then make one out of floral printed fabrics.

Muslin, canvas and linen would be nice too!

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