Friday, October 7, 2011

Mantel Decorating Again

I just can't help myself. I think my favorite thing to do or should I say one of my favorite things is to decorate my mantels. I have three. And they all just so happen to be white. Why not another color? I don't know really. Two of them came to my home white, and the other I painted over the brick with white. Two of them are fake fireplaces that I got from freecycle and the other on the side of the road that someone built. Then, years ago my husband and I bought one as an electric fireplace, when these were rare and now they are found everywhere. It doesn't heat up alot though, because it just has a small heater in it. It sure looks nice though. I put it in the kitchen, pushed a round kitchen table in front of it, have four white chairs and a 1970's orange chair at the table.

Mantels, let me tell you about mantels. They are the best places to decorate. it is hard to not want to change them often because I get a new idea and new stuff to use to decorate. And now, I change my chandeliers too because I have a hook up and can alter them. So I just took the white shabby chic from the living room and put it in the kitchen, and took the black one and put that in the living room. People always think I have more stuff, but the secret is that it is always being changed around.

I am finally going through all of my bins and selling and giving away stuff (I promised my family I would have no more yard sales after this year. I have had about 15 in three years; here at my house and other peoples homes).

I find stuff on the side of the road and find great stuff at cheapo stores.

I get great ideas from other decorators and artists online: THANK YOU TO YOU ALL. And then I use the ideas and compliment them with my own stuff. Sometimes they don't look as good as some other artists, and sometimes I love the outcome just fine.

I love covering candles with cardboard, music papers, twine, old keys...
I love drying hydrangea and putting it in white porcelain containers, making wreaths out of it and have that flower affect in the house till next year, throw out the old if it is too dusty, and get new and some of it I keep because the color is so pretty. I don't have any blue or purple but mine is white and mauve and a bit of brown and that is ok. The brown looks like a vintage color.

I will be taking new pictures of the vignettes on the mantels so you can see the new ideas. I hang little nic nacs off of other nic nacs like my little black bird cut out of wood. I hung it on the flower container.

Ohhh! Did I tell you? I love decorating any surfaces! not just mantles:)

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