Sunday, October 9, 2011

White dingy Bird Cage Gone Black

I bought this new Rustoleum black color paint that has a sheen to it. It took the whole can of spray paint, and I felt like I needed another one just to do some spots inside the bird cage, I couldn't quite reach all of the inside. The opening for the bird is not big enough for your hand and paint can, so I did the best I could. I thought, if there were spots not great, perhaps I would take some acrylic black and make a glaze and a long brush to reach those spots, and then again, unless you really study it under a magnifying lens, you can't see the areas. I mmay put small pumpkins inside. Someone I saw on another site were warned to not put candles in it. But I thought, why not take your candle, put it into a small votive and then the votive possibly into a small jar. If it is not tall, the jar that is, I think you should be safe. If you are uncomfortable, don't do it, I understand.
You can put little candles that light up by a battery if you want a bit of a light. Take a strand of white lights (Christmas) and fit them inside the cage. Place a bunch of flowers. Hang tags on it. Glue a piece of costume jewelry on it. Glue a back bird with a grungy tag on it. Make ATC's and add them on all the sides of it. Make a paper doll and place inside with a little white lite spotted on the doll.

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