Friday, October 7, 2011

Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa...

My oldest son is in Iraq right now and may be going to Afghanistan soon. I don't know when I'll know that.

He has left his wife and two children behind.

It is so amazing the families that are left behind, that continue to grow, learn and live while their mommy or daddy is gone. There are even children that have lost both parents to go off for a tour of 6 months or a year away.

Let us pray for these families, say thank you to the wives, kids and mothers and fathers and grandmoms and grandpas. They miss their kids and are always trusting that they will come home.

Many of our loved ones are in many different countries not just Iraq, Afghanistan, or Africa, so forgive me if I have not written down a country your loved one is in. Many places are just as bad and are not focused on in the news. In fact, we don't hear much in the news anymore at all except about finances and presidency.

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