Friday, October 7, 2011

Flags or Penants out of Burlap for AUTUMN/Fall

I made my first penant out of burlap tonight.
I will post tomorrow.
It is made of burlap, and I spelled out the word AUTUMN.
I stewed my burlap in tea/coffee mixture with spices, dried it in a 250 degree oven. Ironed it. Traced the triangles, cut them out. Bought black and orange ribbons. Used a rugged twine to attach the triangles on. Used a glue gun to add the ribbons, grungied it up more with walnut ink and a stencil brush and hung it up off my living room mantle. I don't celebrate Halloween but I love decorating for the AUTUMN or FALL. Do you?
My family and my church celebrate Reformation Sunday, and the kids dress up like the 1500's and we have apple bobbing, all kinds of goodies, stories read to the kids and fellowship.

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