Saturday, April 2, 2011

Journaling and Collaging

My favorite thing to do is to journal and collage in a combined method.

I decided to do a journal called "Women's Journal" and have it just be women photos, and portraits of women combined with every technique you can think of that can make a fabulous and many layered collage.

In the following examples, you will see that I used antique music, antique french papers, rub-ons, stickers, antique photo, gesso, snow white acrylic, antique white acrylic, black marker, water soluble pastels, and velvet paper.

the water soluble pastels were melted with a quilting iron. But learn this, if you melt your water soluble pastels onto your paper, they will not be water soluble anymore. You can drag the quilting iron over and over the pastels to spread them and add another color on top and spread that color.

I used a yellow ochre, a grape purple color, blue and white.

I also rubbed the water soluble pastels on other spots of the paper so that when I applied water, it smudged just nicely.

I watched a video by "Zin". it was not a teaching video, but just a video to watch her at work. I took notes as though I was taking a class. I tried to figure out various techniques and then go to my art room to work on my own with my own supplies. I added a couple extra ideas into mine. I really like Christina Zinnia Galliher.

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