Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photographing Your Journal Pages

Sometimes I find journal pages hard to photograph depending on the type of mediums you use on your pages. I do use a matte medium when applying papers and ephemera, but it still has somewhat of a sheen along with inks, so it shines and I need to get the page just right in the light of the room or window. I keep playing though. Sometimes I even need to use the flash on my camera even though the room seems to be lit enough so it won't glare in the picture.

I love looking at the pictures on the computer which shows me and teaches me what could be changed in my art work. I feel I can see it better through the eye of the camera sometimes more than when I am working on it in the art studio.

Another way to check your work is to put it in front of a mirror.

Or if you have children or friends, ask them.

I think it will surprise you what the differences are from person to person.

I like the spread with the aqua blue and sparkles and my 18 year old son loved the old antique grunge spread.

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