Thursday, April 28, 2011

Older Photos-for Contests

I have had very odd circumstances with my photography.
One show, I entered my work. As I entered the building of the show,
a woman walked up to me, a woman I had never met, and asked me if I
was Crystal. "Yes" I replied. "Did you want to sell your work? There are no
prices on the back of the photos."
"Why yes" I said. The brochures that were passed out to people,
as they walked through the art show, would see my prices match up
with my work. She stated to me "There are no prices on the back of
your work." I said "I put the prices on the back of each piece."

Low and behold, we walked around the building to each piece, and
the prices were on the back just like I had said and did. Some one
made a big mistake, did not check my work:) and did not put the
information into the brochure.

People had already asked about one specific piece, and of course
it did not sale because it was not posted in the brochure.

If I told you the other stories, you would not believe it.

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