Saturday, April 2, 2011

Father, Dad, Daddy

My dad is the one that got me into this junk collecting I can tell. My mom wouldn't be caught dead with half of the decorations I have in my home. They both grew up in the depression, but my mom concluded that she wanted new if anything, and she did not over decorate. What ever she had as a decoration was in the same spot and the same item for all my life. She had a balance scale with rubber grapes and apples on it on top of the tv for years. On the end table, there was a cigarette lighter and music box combined that was copper and the top of the lighter was in the shape of a man's head, an ugly man actually with a mole on his face. She had a red rose in a water globe too! I don't remember anything on the coffee table. And I do remember that she decorated symmetrical on the main wall in the living room with paneling on the walls and an oil painting above the plaid wool couch.

My living room is part yellow and mint green. My tv entertainment center is French country; I have three wicker chairs with throw pillows, an L shaped couch, a huge comfy chair, white lamps, white framed pictures and clock, a white painted fireplace with silver candle sticks, and glass jars filled with clothes pins, feathers, and beach wood from the ocean I go to in Seabrook. Nothing is symmetrical!

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