Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sun and Shadows

Isn't the sun magnificent. That is what I thought when I watched it rise when I was on a 6:45 am plane ride home last week. I couldn't get over it. When I was looking out the window of the plane, you could not even tell what the sun was coming up from. I knew I was really high up, and was looking at it rising, but it was confusing.

Today, I thought the shadows were incredible and wanted to grab some pictures around the house and explain, if you do not know, how you draw shadows in your art work. This is the best time of any. The sun, when hitting an object, creates a shadow on the opposite side of the object, and the side the sun hits, is the brightest. This may seem silly to read, and you may be thinking "I know that", but many a times, artists (newer to the arts) get confused where to put the shadow.

So, if the sun is hitting the right side of the object like in the photo below of the bushes, the shadow is on the left. The shovel had the sun hitting the left side of it, so the shadow came out to the right of it on the house. Take note of how large the shadow is and the shape of the shadow also. Is the shadow one black color, one grey color, or many shades of grade and in between?

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