Friday, September 23, 2011

Dreamboards, LifeBoards, VisionBoards

I think all of these can be the same thing. You know, like the whole journaling thing: art journaling, daily journaling, ideas journal...

I made a board last week which you can see the examples below. No, My board can't be a simple one boarded experiment. It had to be a board with many pages attached to look like doors and drawers opened.

A Lifeboard can have many topics on it that you are looking forward to in the future such as Life, Love, Spirituality, Finances and Prosperity, Traveling...

A Visionboard can be random and various pictures that you just pick out, glue down, add to it as the days go on and see what the correlation of the pictures are.

A Dreamboard is somewhatj like a lifeboard, and a vision board. You place pictures down of things you are interested in and keep a watch on what is happening in your life to what the pictures symbolize and signify.

Being a christian, I desire many things and have many dreams. I give all of these desires to the Lord. And I love putting down these things in visuals and writings. Then I get to look back to see what has come out of these things through prayer, hoping and trusting.

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  1. Your grandson is adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm answering your question here, because I'm having issues with my email. You can try filling the base of your pieces with cement. Hope that helps.