Friday, September 23, 2011

Journal-Have you always wanted to journal

I admire and am almost jealous at times when I read on peoples blogs that they have been journaling since they were a little kid. They had a journal. I had a diary with the little golden key but I didn't write in it. I do remember going through a season of writing poetry, but because I felt like I had no idea in writing or writing poetry to be exact, I stopped doing it and threw away those sheets of lined paper that I collected.

I am coming to realize that as a child, writing and reading were no way highly suggested as they are today. What I would have or could have done with a beautiful leather journal is beyond me. And now that I feel all choked up about journaling, and I truly want to do it, now I am confused about what type of journal I want to do and it gets all jumbled up and guess what. I throw them away.

The only journals I have kept are ones that I carry with me and write down information, recipes, craft ideas etc. and I write them in a notebook and I collect them. Do I ever go back to them to read them? Hardly ever. I always thing that what is in them is what I want to keep. Maybe someday I can go in and catalogue it all somehow. I ask myself "Why didn't I make that recipe or make that craft?"

I am coming to realize that there is just too much stuff to make and do. And I blog search and web search everyday for another idea. I hardly make anything I copy.

So what do I do. I have thought about having a daily journal, a craft and ideas journal, a clothing journal, a christian inspired journal, a drawing and daily journal....At one point, I probably had 8 journals. I would even get confused which one I should write in or grab when I am going out.

I thought maybe I should have a January journal with everything in it from drawings, recipes, quotes, ideas, then a February journal. That would probably be the best idea, but then what about the things I want to keep cherished in only my heart and then they would be in that journal?

Yes, the question is "To Journal or Not to Journal?" that is the famous question

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