Thursday, September 8, 2011

Storms and Rain and Floods in the East Coast and no Electricity in California

I am so sorry to all of you that are flooding away i.n the East Coast and to you with no electricity in California. I pray for you and know that you are not alone. Keep me up with how you are doing and your prayer needs.

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  1. Ok let me try this again crystal. I have tried and tried to get ahold of you you do not have an email so I can contact you. I used the link in your sidebar when you won and sent you an email through it, it is the one that says on it

    Your email address is not enabled in your blogger profile so I can not find any email to contact you by. please email me, so I can communicate with you brustythimble [at]

    I got your mailing address just a few minutes ago on the message you left on your blog. my next shipping date is Friday of this week.

    thank you congrats on winning, hint enable you email on your blogger profile, it will make it easier to contact you should you win something