Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Dreamboard-It is a dream-vision board and fullmoon board

This was quite the project. Dreamboards, fullmoon boards, vision boards, business boards...
So many to chose from.
I worked on my dreamboard-vision board while my daughter worked on her vision board today for the first day of school. As you may or may not know, I homeschool my children.
Working with my daughter on her goals for the future seeing she is in high school, and I wanted to get creative myself.

Well, my dream board came out like a book. I started out with a flat surface, and I got the idea that I wanted my board to be like a closet that opened up. Well it did just that. The front doors of the closet are also shelves that open up. AFter you open that layer, there is another door that opens up in the middle, then a door that opens to the left and then so on.

This dream board is like a dream. You can leave the left door closed and open all the other doors to get different illusions. You can leave the right door closed, and fold over the drawers of the first door. You can flip over some of the drawers and keep some of the drawers opened.

My dreamboard consists of fall colors and pumpkins and baskets and black crows and the hair cut I would like and new fall sweaters. I want to decorate some of my chandeliers in my house and noticed I have pictures ripped and added onto my pages. I am into numbers and baskets so I added them onto a page and I am organizing for schooling this fall along with my hearts desire is to become a life coach. I think that may be where the new wardrobe comes in for my working with clients. The numbers show me organization skills, keeping track of dates and months, the baskets show how to keep files and the candles and textures of other items are what I like to surround myself with.

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