Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apples Applesauce and Autumn

Apples are dropping off of my trees like no tomorrow. It seems very early to me and that makes me think we are going to have an early and long winter with a harvest like this. These are just droppings from a two feet section in my back yard, and I have to go out there behind the fence and pick and also the tree in the front yard. I have a couple of friends that love the droppings and will come over I am sure to get them, that is...after the hurricane.

If you want to make a quck applesauce rather than the long method I grew up with watching my mom make, I just cut the apples, cut off any bad parts, throw in a huge pot, add a bit of water, cover and cook slowly, when done, I pour it into a strainer to remove the skins and seeds and then can them or put in zip lock bags and freeze.

Add brown sugar, cinammon and sugar or combinations of all three to how much you like while you are cooking it.

If you have a dehydrator or stove, slice your apples thin, and place on a tray in your stove on 250 degrees and cook low for hours, flipping the pieces over and checking them till dry. You now have a nice snack.

Women in the 1700's and 1800's would do this by stringing the slices on a string or twine and hanging over their fireplace mantles to dry naturally. I don't have a natural fireplace, so I have to make sure it is really warm in the house during the winter to do the same thing so that the slices will not mold up.

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