Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outlets and Big Bucks

Went to Wrentham Outlets here in Massachusetts. Phew! Lots of money even for outlets. I did find a couple pairs of knee length jean shorts for $7.50 a piece at Rue 21 and found a bright purple scarf at Hot Topic for $2.95. I think scarves maybe going out of style because I am starting to find them in stores on sale and yet I see alot more brought in into Marshalls. They are the most beautiful colors. Most stores put them into color category and it is like a rainbow. I feel like I could never get tired of a scarf even though it is getting a bit warm for the summer but many light cotton fabric scarves are being made. I bought one that has four to vibrant colors on it. The fabric texture is like a gauze and there are three huge beads on each end.

Juicy Couture, a store for younger women and girls had colors that were mouth watering. Many of their clothes are a terry cloth along with terry cloth pocketbooks. Again, all of the colors of sweat/work out pants are color categorized: sherbert colors. Keep an eye out for color and incorporate it into your work.

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