Friday, May 15, 2009

Salvation Army to buy a Rolodex

I went to the Salvation Army yesterday to buy a Rolodex. Figuring they always have everything and I have seen rolodex there before (no not a watch). My idea, which I did see something like this in a magazine, was to jot down all of my new ideas or ideas of other artists, write them on the rolodex cards and now I have a nice system to flip when I want a new idea or want to check off one that I have done. I love watching YouTube videos on HOW TO's for art techniques. It furthers my education.
I did not find a rolodex but did find a photo book that flips and love it. Started putting all of my index cards in it already. It holds approximately 90 which is not as much as a rolodex but I figure, when I finish all of the ideas that are on the cards, I can file them and start a new group of ideas.

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