Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picking and Harvesting Blueberries

If you can't use your blueberries right away, rinse them off in a colander, dab off with a towel or paper towel, place on a baking sheet you would use for cookies, and put in your freezer till firm. Then pour them into a zip lock bag or plastic container with cover. I at times, have just poured the fresh berries right into ziplocks without pre-freezing first. It works.

My friend lives on acres of land in Maine. I love love love harvesting fruit and vegetables, so even though I was feeling so sick, I figured maybe I could sweat out the virus and pick blueberries. I did enjoy myself but my daughter had to go in earlier than me. It was just too hot. I picked about six to eight cups of blueberries and they are smaller than bush blueberries. These plants lie low to the ground and have real reddish leaves. Sweet flavored and very versatile for baking. It was so hot that many of the plants were crunchy, and so many plants that it was hard to not step on plants. Many blueberries were dried already, so I snacked on a few of them to see if they were like dehydrated blueberries. They were good but extremely small after shriveling up.

The raspberries were too small and hard, not ripe yet.

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