Thursday, August 25, 2011

Autumn and Fall

Well, it is August 25, 2011, some kids are already in school (mine are home-schooled), we just had a mild earth quake and are up for a hurricane in the next two days; all in New England which is very unusual. In the mean time, continuing on in prayer and living, I decided to make a couple autumn fall centerpieces for my tables. I don't want to go crazy with decorating for fall because before you know it, it is Christmas decorating time and I usually don't decorate this early, but I guess I should enjoy it. I mean, it is the end of August till Thanksgiving and then you put it all away again. That is less than three months. The way I like change though, it is time to do that, put everything away.

I don't know what these dolls are called that I decorated with Dollar Tree dried flowers. First of all, I couldn't believe it that the Dollar Tree had such nice dried flowers this fall. That is the only reason I could make the decorations, otherwise, our finances with the second possible recession occurring has kept me away from buying. That is ok though, life is more precious than decorating.

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