Sunday, August 28, 2011

Owl Painting

I watched Creatively Fit at Youtube.
I have wanted to do paintings of owls; not real live paintings, but fun and colorful paintings. Tonight, now that the signs of the hurricane are gone, no more tropical storm except the winds, and electricity still on, I decided to sit down and have fun and paint. I already looked at my new book on stamping ATC's and I absolutely love watching videos and looking at my art books and magazines, but enough was enough, I had to do something I am learning.

I got to paint on my new little desk. Robin Egg Blue, White, Medium yellow and bright magenta were the paint colors I used and had on hand. I painted on a square canvas and added a bit of stamping at the end just to give a bit more texture.

The artist from Creatively Fit used a gesso board I believe and her paint colors were different then mine. My colors mixed actually made an orange hue when I took the pictures on my camera. I would love to take her class on painting owls and going a bit more advanced. Perhaps someday, but in the meantime, I have another canvas that I WILL do another one. This one I did I have a friend who had a grandson and she made an owl mobile with felt owls. This painting is a bit on the pink side so I am unsure if I should send it or not. We will see after I do the next one. It was different painting with only a select pallette. I had to paint this way eons ago in college, so I was acquainted, but it has been a long time. Also, I used a graphite pencil, for some reason, I could not find my charcoal pencils and I have already cleaned my art room. Maybe I don't have any which would be unusual because I have many supplies. Mmmmm, I'll have to keep looking. She, the artist from Creatively Fit's wonderful blog, used a charcoal pencil to do outlining and some shading of the owl. So, after the graphite use, I went back a bit with water and a brush to make it a wash.

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