Thursday, October 14, 2010


I love looking at the patterns that the Lord has created.
Last week, my family went out for an ice cream. What a chance to do some photography withg my new Fuji camera. My Canon Rebel bit the dust and I was able to do a swap. Not sure if it is a very good swap yet, alot of little issues with the Fuji, but I still was able to capture some pictures of the scared to death chicken and the squaking goose. The remarkable patterns and colors in the chicken are inspiring me to do a collage with red black and white and the pattern of the neck and its delicate curve with white and a bit of yellow and grey shadows are leading me to a subtle collage.

After learning about pattern and color just by nature, I can then create decorating in my home, painting or collaging the same way. Learn from what you see outside.

Then, I can work on my clothing style the same way check it out, my other blog and I get to do with my clothing what I have learned from nature.

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