Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grunge and Burlap-Burlap Runner, Burlap Pillows

I have had this burlap laying around for about a year, desiring to make a table runner and pillows. Never got to it. But then again, I have been collaging, decorating, homeschooling and active with church.

Why do I always decorate or make something when a busy day is coming? Last week, I was having a recipe swap at my home with the ladies and daughters from church. So off I go the night before to make the burlap runner. I wanted to decorate to make it feel fall indoors for the ladies.

1. I cut my burlap the length of my shabby white table.
2. Grabbed my tomato red acrylic paint.
3. Maskin tape out of the drawer
4. Placed the maskin tape down to make a 1/2" runner line down the length of the runner.
5. Used a stencil brunch and just brushed and rubbed the paint into the burlap
6. Removed the tape.
7. Let it dry a few moments
8. Used the maskin tape again on each side of the 1/2" line, making approximately a 1/8" line.
9. Frayed the edges of the runner on all four sides.

The left over burlap...

1. I cut into square shapes
2. Grabbed my chandelier stencil
3. Grabbed my black acrylic paint (cheap stuff at AC Moore's)
4. Layed down the stencil and rubbed with the stencil brush, the black paint
into the burlap.
5. Voila!

(Haven't sewn the pillows yet but will do!)

They all came out pretty nice.

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