Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fuji at the beach, Canon at the home

I am trying out different cameras right now since my Canon bit the dust.
This is a cute little Fuji digital camera. The cover could not go on the lense unless the camera was turned off and I like having my lense covered except when I am taking a photo of course. This camera takes batteries and the first one I brought home kept shutting off. I figured it was the battery problem like I found out about on the Sony digital three years ago. So I took it back. The major thing I loved about the Fuji was that it took panorama pictures. Lovvvvvvvvvved that!

Called a friend, went online to do all sorts of searches on the Canon SX30IS. Went back to Best Buy twice to check out the cameras because I had to do a swap after my Canon Rebel died. (It wouldn't read the memory card). I am a new owner to a Canon SX30IS camera. The updated version doesn't use double A batteries. I think I am going to like it better! So in three years, I have had a Sony, two Canon Rebels (different series), two Fuji's and now this one. Believe it or not, all the other cameras had malfunctions and it wasn't me. I know that is hard to believe but true. The Geek squad told me that 1 in 100 items are faulty. Faulty items find me:) or:(

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