Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inexpensive Vases-the only thing to store away

Vases are inexpensive to buy and to decorate. When you are done with the outdoor dried goods, just throw away and put the vase on the shelf for the season and grab another that matches with your decor.

I love yard saling, flea markets, second hand shops to find vases. I have even found vases on the side of the road that people did not sell at their yard sales so I scoff them up. No, I don't keep them all. I have one for the spring, fall, winter and summer. You can just get a clear one or white milk glass and keep for all of the season.

The clear vase can have coffee beans or rice put into the bottom, and then place the flowers into it. A white milk glass vase can have a wreath put around the base and the flowers in the vase to be a bit different.

Add a burlap bow or velvet bow around the vase at holiday times.

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